Art Hustle Editor- in- Chief

Who are you? I'm a Cosby kid raised in Kent. I'm Justine a.k.a J.Erika

What is your Art Hustle? My art hustle is in Photography.

Who/What are your inspirations? Ah man everything, Black history-leaders-Black Panthers,civil rights movement-Malcom X/culture-all kinds, the world and the people in it, parentals, friends, FILMS, colours, books, MUSIC, 70s. 80s,90s, little things, big things, Space,sounds.. Anything and Everything really! big fan of Maya Angelou- Spike Lee, Jamal Shabazz....and so many others i could list if I had time!

You have an emphasis on Music and Film, any reason? Well the basis of my photography is from film and Music. Both were a big part of my upbringing. lets put it this way-without getting into any long things, I have a heavy appreciation for Music and Film !

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