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Analogue Analogue Analogue!!!!!

Album of the month: TALKING BOOK

Market Travels

Wondering around Greenwich market for some odd gems; I found these super cool collectable Cards- Dinosaur trail, Asian Wildlife, African wildlife & ships. Beautiful little books. Love finding stuff like this. - J-Erika

Snapshots By |.Erika


I had the pleasure of photographing Justin Timberkake perform at the Forum- Kentish Town. To view more photos, check my Flickr account  Enjoy. J.Erika


Toro y Moi @ Village Underground 2013

I've loved Chaz aka Toro y moi for such a long time now & had missed out seeing him play London a few years back. So when I heard he was coming to play in the new year I was really happy. I had the pleasure of photographing him Live at the Village underground.
Of course when you hear and experience an artist play live its a completely different light, a magical world kind of thing. His sound has developed a lot from his earlier days, the vibe is more funkier, but still holds onto that ambient, electronic synth tone which is cool & fresh.

My friend joked to me & said that Toro might be a little "Greenwich Village" for him, but you know what his sound has developed to blend to the mainstream ear, but still holds a tight grip onto his indie roots. So really anyone can listen to it.

One thing I didn't enjoy was the crowd. I'm so use to that kind of tight, friendly atmosphere at most gigs I've been to where everyone gets on & has this massive one love for the music. Here most people seemed almost "too cool" to even smile or too cool to even really jam to the music. bleugh.

Check out his latest record- "Anything in Return".

SOLANGE @ XOYO Photographed by J.Erika

New Camo video!!!

Written by Camouflage Children Produced by Yanaku Video by Limetree Video Production

Style of the Month: Winona Ryder


COP THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Can't stop listening to it!

An evening of Cultures...

The school I teach at do a "Culture evening" every year, this being my first year of joining, I attended the unique evening of events. The evening was beautiful, there were a range of different tables set up of different countries hosted by Teachers from those countries (Jamaica, South Africa, Nigeria, Ireland, Greece, Ireland, USA, French, Norway, Spain & loads more) with great displays and most importantly amazing food from their origin countries. At the start of the evening there was an superb parade of flags, this felt like the Olympics or to me like a Michael Jackson sort of World video...truly splendid. Later in the evening there were dance performances from 3 different cultures: Ireland, Nigeria and Jamaica. Towards the end of the evening; there was a lovely, lively speech from the Jamaican High commissioner. This was quite special & quite a treat having such an important woman attend the evening. The parents really enjoyed the event, the kids enjoyed it, all in all it was lovely to celebrate the diversity in our school. Lovely.

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Went to see MF DOOM (my fave), MADLIB & Freddie Gibbs @ HMV forum. DOOM was amazing as per usual, MADLIB was a MAJOR letdown; the man must have been on crack because he ignored the ENTIRE crowd on his set, treated the crowd badly and was just a general DISAPPOINTMENT. Every musician I have seen , they have always smashed their sets, maybe not D'angelo (he sat down half the show, was off some where else half the show & played shortened down versions of his most recognized songs... HOWEVER..his vocals WERE ON POINT),..but it wasn't as bad as this. we PAY to see you do your shit so STEP- IT-UP. I have to say I didnt know who was Freddie Gibbs was until the night and he was quite good you know... had that 2pac/gansta rap vibe about him..which was quite refreshing because I haven't listen to much of that in a while. Okay I am babbling.... so Yeah. here's some photos, Peace.

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BLU & EXILE 2012

I have been a HUGE HUGE fan of BLU since the beginning. He cancelled his last London show which was a bit of a downer, so when he announced that he was re-doing his headline show I was a bit unsure if he would turn up or not, but he did and he KILLED it. The vibe was awesome, the venue- Cargo in Shorditch is one of my faves because it is so it was an amazing showcase. EXILE was just amazing..the man has just so much skills...If you have not yet, CHECK out all of his mix-tapes, they are all unique & you can see the  progression he has made in this work throughout the years which is very important I think! Enjoy. Post by J.Erika


Trinny Times!!!

I've been so long since I have posted on ARTHUSTLE. Apologies to people. But I am back. I am alive. Here are some photos I took of my journey with some friends to Trinidad & Tobago in August. Seems like such a long time ago. I have heritage from Jamaica, and that is the only Island I have been to all of my life, so going to Trinidad was a real interesting experience. We went to boat rides, beaches, festivals & celebrated their Independence. All in all it was such a lovely experience and I was quite sad to return home.  I took a whole lot of photos; a whole lot & it is too many to post onto here. Hopefully you can get the feel of my travels from the few photos I have out up here.

Posy by J.Erika


I took photographs of some street sellers on my visit to Nigeria.