An evening of Cultures...

The school I teach at do a "Culture evening" every year, this being my first year of joining, I attended the unique evening of events. The evening was beautiful, there were a range of different tables set up of different countries hosted by Teachers from those countries (Jamaica, South Africa, Nigeria, Ireland, Greece, Ireland, USA, French, Norway, Spain & loads more) with great displays and most importantly amazing food from their origin countries. At the start of the evening there was an superb parade of flags, this felt like the Olympics or to me like a Michael Jackson sort of World video...truly splendid. Later in the evening there were dance performances from 3 different cultures: Ireland, Nigeria and Jamaica. Towards the end of the evening; there was a lovely, lively speech from the Jamaican High commissioner. This was quite special & quite a treat having such an important woman attend the evening. The parents really enjoyed the event, the kids enjoyed it, all in all it was lovely to celebrate the diversity in our school. Lovely.

Post by J.Erika

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