Went to see MF DOOM (my fave), MADLIB & Freddie Gibbs @ HMV forum. DOOM was amazing as per usual, MADLIB was a MAJOR letdown; the man must have been on crack because he ignored the ENTIRE crowd on his set, treated the crowd badly and was just a general DISAPPOINTMENT. Every musician I have seen , they have always smashed their sets, maybe not D'angelo (he sat down half the show, was off some where else half the show & played shortened down versions of his most recognized songs... HOWEVER..his vocals WERE ON POINT),..but it wasn't as bad as this. we PAY to see you do your shit so STEP- IT-UP. I have to say I didnt know who was Freddie Gibbs was until the night and he was quite good you know... had that 2pac/gansta rap vibe about him..which was quite refreshing because I haven't listen to much of that in a while. Okay I am babbling.... so Yeah. here's some photos, Peace.

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