J.Erika interviews Artist friends.

Who are you? I’m Lydie Todd, 24, from South East London.

What is you art hustle? I’m a stylist and photographer

What have you been up to?Currently in my third year BA level and London College Of Fashion. Enjoying seeing my work progress into a more documentary style of work. TODDLEIN (blogspot) ( a collaboration project between two sisters of things we are inspired by and love. Whilst studying I’ve interned at Junior magazine, assisted stylist Claudia Behnke and contributed to Korean Vogue girl.

Tell me about what you have been working on/worked on. I love to look at personal style through the cinematic image. Characters and personalities are something I’m particularly interested in, Rather than a well-orchestrated sense of style devised for editorials or catwalk. Characters inspire me a great deal more. My obsession and personal desire is to become a part of the characters and scenes within films. The screen allows you to escape in an imaginative sense; although I adore recreating the scenes on a more personal level. I have recently recreated a scene from the film ‘Everything is illuminated’ by Leiv Schreiber.

-Working with prop designer Emily Todd who created a large scale fish for the play peer gynt.

Are there any specific Films that that you love and inspire you in your work?Into the wild, Let the right one in,Lila says ,Everything is illuminated,Koketbel,Together,Diving bell and the butterfly,Science of sleep,Little miss sunshine,Lords of Dogtown and anything by Jean Pierre Jeunet...These specific films simply for their story-lines, colour, imagination, cultures, and amazing cinematography.

Where do you get your inspiration in doing your work/what inspires you/things you love.... World cinema, mainly French and Swedish films, I’m obsessed with their cultures and unique styles. Bootsales, junk and personal space, magazines such as: Apartmento, Milk, Paper planes, Friends, Family, Everyday life and Happy accidents.

Name drop some people whose work you like?Elisabeth Dunker stylist and photographer from Sweden, Gary card, Brionny Birkbeck, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Corrine Day...

What do you most like about what you do?The freedom to capture anything that inspires me.

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