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Interviewing our very own True Royalty...

True royalty... whats in the name?

I'm royalty twice.My full name is Chuka Royalty Bede Ozigbu . I'm from a royal family. I believe in God and I believe he is Royalty and that makes me his child Royal.

Okay so how did True Royalty's music come about? Well I started off in a group called "Young Disciplez". After about 4years I went solo. Young Discplez played a big part of my growth, without them I probably wouldn't of had this platform. We were a group of 6 guys all doing gospel rap music. Before the music we all knew each other on a personal level but we kick started things after collaborating on one track.

Tell me about "Driller" Who was this dude? I Used to go by the name Driller Mc. I was a ladies man! I was full of myself. Lets just say Driller is dead he was the negative True Royalty.

Art Hustle, what you gotta say about that?
I’m part of a company called Art Hustle which specializes in photography, music, videos and general art antics! True Royalty is more spiritual in a sense as well as a passion. True Royalty promotes Art Hustle and Art Hustle promotes True Royalty. We're family baby.

I've been listening to your promo, liking "Sweetest Love" and "Grace". Tell me about these tunes...
A very close friend once told me to minster in love. Sweetest love is based on the love of God and how his sweet love changed and transformed me from Driller to True Royalty. "Grace"- The grace is one of my favorites off my promo ‘Transformation: The Genesis’ for me it shows how I have grown lyrically and spiritually. I broke down the essence of grace because sometimes we tend to talk about something without actually going to the root or the reason behind its existence. It also features a very special songstress Nissi Mutale who gave it that extra Royalty spice.

There's quite a lot of collaboration on the promo.. Yeah I mean there's A Star who is part of a gospel duo called Forever Christ and I really respect him as a person brother in Christ and an artist. He is one of the only outside features from my music family Certified Christians. Radient is also my very close friend and I admire his work as well so he had to be on it.

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