J.Erika interviews Artist friends.

Who are you?My Name is Kerry Leatham, I grew up in Colchester but now live in east london.

What is your Art Hustle?My 'Art Hustle' is music.

What is your genre of music?a kind of 'urban Folk' vibe i've been told.

So what have you been up to? For the last year and a half i've been recording and gradually building an album i'm extremely proud of titled 'Stories From The self-obsessed'. On top of that i've been playing the london circuit and touring the Uk and Ireland in my spare time under the name 'guerrilla busker'. I travel to the most scenic places in the country and busk my way round video blogging and posting on youtube and my site www.guerrillabusker.com

Who/What are your main influences? My main musical influences come from artists like, Ani Difranco, Andy Mckee, Van Morrison, and more recently artists like Mumford & Sons, basically real musicians.

What do you most love about what you do?Well, without getting too cheesey on yo' ass. The thing i like most about what i do, is that i'm potentially building a career doing the thing i love most. Most people only dream of doing that and i'm forever grateful i've been given the opportunity to try!

To Check out more about Kerry and what shes been up: http://www.guerrillabusker.com/


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