J.Erika Interviews Artist Friends

Who are you, where are you from?My name is Sam Markham. Born in South Wales, Raised in South London.

What is your Art Hustle?

I've started by portraying my creativity through Illustrations/art work, Music and Animation.

The Bank Heist

Claymation/stop-motion animation.

My 1st ever short animation. "Rocko", the chihuahua, acts out a bank job as "Bruce", the security bear, sleeps unaware throughout the whole ordeal.

Toy Rabbit Animation

This is my 1st ever animation in 3D and was an end of year assignment set in my 1st year at university.

The movement of the toy rabbit suffered due to a technical error, erasing my progress of all animation, meaning I had to redo all of the animation in one day.

The assessment brief was to model a kitchen, and to bring children's toys to life. Here, I've animated a toy rabbit who stands up, bounces around the kitchen floor and then starts doing kick-ups with a child's building block before launching it into the screen.

What have you been up to/anything you have been working on within your Art hustle?
Recently I've been trying to build on my personal portfolio. It would be hard to define exactly what I've been doing as there is no solid direction for my work flow and too many projects to consolidate or refine; one moment I could be spray painting graffiti, and the next, I'd be creating music as a backing track for visual media.

What are your inspirations/thing you love, places, film, people anything that helps you get inspired in your art hustling/or just in general.
My outlook is generally what ever they can do, you can do better. By putting this theory into practice, anyones work, whether it be a big "someone" or a "no-one", could inspire me and fuel me with the motivation to aim further and beyond.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love the freedom to do what ever I want, express how I feel, have no boundaries or limitations other than my own; I make the rules.

To check out more of Sam's work go to:

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