A little experiment

This is the first film I made and it was completed in the summer of 09. Its split into two parts. The first sets up a story with the characters and tries to capture the mood and atmosphere of Morden, my home town, through what I think are interesting shots of locations that I grew up around. The second is a loose story that takes place in Greenwich park and consists of 5 characters.

Overall I would say that Heart and Mind is a little experimental. Because I didn't have a mic for the camera I wasn't able to record live sound with the footage so I had to come up with another way to express character thoughts, feelings and motivations as well as building a believable and realistic world within the film. This was done through the soundtrack of various artists and selected ambient sound from a database of sound effects.

This film is an expression of my love for the place where I grew up and the many stories that are hidden within it. I had so much fun making it and hope that you enjoy the final product.

Posted By Lukas

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