Introducing Elle B

Creative, Affable, Dynamic, Imaginative and Passionate are some of the makings of this cool cat from North London Hackney...

"Hackney is diverse. The people are one of a kind. I love giving praises to people who are from there.Every part is different, from my house to a five minute walk, it will look as though you're in a different area. Hackney is growing and amidst all this gun and knife crime people are happy to stay living there. Places I would recommend to visit, Stoke Newington High Street the shops are amazing, Ridley Road market bargains galore!, Hackney Central, Hackney Museum and the library."

Her major is in Journalism however her heart is in engaging the human senses through a broader creative style; taking her inspiration from everything and everyone.

"I love that I have the freedom over choosing what I can do and that I can express how I see the world through my work, whether that be journalism, scripts or artifacts. There are no boundaries when it comes to my work."

Okay so your probably wondering what she has been up to creatively????

"I justfinished a project on the PRICE OF FASHION. I made a cardigan sewn with photographs of females wearing the clothes they chose to wear for that day. I was inspired by a theorist Guy Debord who saw the world as a spectacle, a spectacle that we buy into because we see it; we recognize it and we want it.
In some sense I believe fashion is very much the same, females buy into fashion because at the end of the day we want to be a part of that spectacle, and sometimes subconsciously we don't even know that we're doing it. The price of fashion now holds no limits; females can spend countless amounts in order to be a part of this ‘fashion’ spectacle."


One of her latest writing pieces was on her frustration with anti-social behaviour on public transport. She did some investigative journalism detailing how she FOUND out in term the policies to tackle this kind of behaviour.

Check a clip-it of it out here...

"I decided to leave university earlier than I thought I would, it was way too busy in the computer labs to even do any work. But it seems I decided to leave at the wrong time and had to travel home with all the school children. I remember when I was at secondary school; it meant walking to school and walking back home.
Well at Stratford station oblivious to the time, I got on the bus and sat upstairs. But 3:30pm on the upper deck of a bus is like throwing yourself into a lion’s den. There should be a warning sign saying STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
So there I am on the top deck. Comfortable… That is until 10minutes into the journey and outside Bow Church station the school kids come flooding in. Immediately the upper deck is transformed from tranquility to hearing the sound of giggs playing on a loudspeaker. I like grime, don’t get me wrong but other people might not. I wouldn’t like someone to be playing hardcore rock on loudspeaker so I appreciate that people wouldn’t want to be hearing “We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love - if it’s worth having its worth fighting for.”

It’s all just anti-social behavior but It seems as though this trend of letting everybody know what music you like doesn’t stop at just teenagers. The other day on the 188 from North Greenwich, a guy, whom I suppose was a uni student, was listening to his music through earphones. There was little point of using his headphones as the music sounded as if it was playing through hi-fi speakers. I could probably tell you his ‘on the go’ list.
Still on the 425, I looked around to see if there were any posters regarding bus policies. I notice right above the stairs there an A3 poster saying; don’t play music out loud please, use headphones and drinking alcohol is prohibited. I thought; why put the poster in the most obscured place, why only A3?, it’s not big enough, who enforces these rules? Clearly the bus driver cannot to stop the bus and come upstairs just to tell the school kids to use headphones. But yet if someone tried to get on the bus with alcohol then the bus driver would refuse to let them on. So who is there to enforce the policies when the bus driver cannot?

That’s when I noticed two community service officers board the bus. Finally I will hear the end of giggs and his monotonous tone of voice. But my relief was short lived as the officers got off the bus two stops after they got on. Not entirely sure of the point of them getting on in the first place.
By doing a little research I’ve found out there is a dedicated team within the Transport Policing and Enforcement Directorate (TPED) which has responsibility for Transport for London’s policing issues and for managing policing services, evaluating performance and co-coordinating crime and anti-social behavior reduction activities on public transport.

I have never heard anything about some ‘dedicated’ team perhaps because they’re not very good at their responsibilities."

NOW AINT THAT THE TRUTH???! She's dope right? Okay well check back soon for some more of ELLE B! AND too all you twitter bugs follow her at


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