Getting to Know you... By J.Erika

"Glitter Runs Through My Veins". Girly with a bit of Grit. This is Sufiyeh Hadian
. A Fashion Design, Styling & Promotion student currently residing at Middlesex University. She describes herself as a mix of Moulin Rouge and Beetlejuice. Her style icons are Marc Bolan the girls of The Ronettes and Blair Waldorf."Everyone has a darker side" she claims. She loves the 60s for the bouffant hair, mini skirts and the yummy Mods. I ask her "So what is her usual get up for strutting down the streets of London" "Usually a printed tea dresses with my leather boots and studded jacket" she replies casually. Happy with being cool and hustling illustration and Fashion Promotion across town and a bit of writing for Sketchbook Magazine on the side, Sufiyeh is one cool cat.

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