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I am a HUGE fan of Canada. MAJORLY. Everybody knows that. So I am proud to introduce to everyone a very cool, open and passionate individual from Toronto Canada. Yannick Anton.

Yannick finds himself in all kinds of places learning from everything and connecting to them in some way no matter how odd they are. He’s been working on life, Discipline, organization, staying true to his word. “Its all about that 60s love and doing things your way by any means necessary.”

In getting to know someones I like to know what they are listening to...kinda get a sense of their character... So what are you listening to Yannick?

"Some French women on the train, have no idea what they are saying but it sounds beautiful.”

In terms of music I learn that he listens to a lot of Rick James, Valleys of Neptune, Brenden, Kj, Ayo Leilani, Abstract Random, Spek Won, Syrofoam ones, Marvin Gaye, Rick Ross, Mfp, Rich Kidd, Suite for ma dukes - Carlos NiƱo & Miguel Atwood Ferguson.


His Art Hustle is, photos, stopping time and making things…he officially started Photography a bit over a year ago.

He's been working on a series for as a part of Schools Without Boarders InSightOut photography residency.

Creating as many photos as he can, Yannick also loves printing and is focusing on a lot of work, keeping the momentum going for a solo show early next year and other shows he has the chance to be involved in.

“I would like to collaborate other creative minds more any see what births. I will be designing a website that shows the way I categorize and think about my work.”

So are there any other places across the world that you would like to work in?
"Allllll over the world... England, France, Japan, Trinidad, New York, Ethiopia, Eritrea, anywhere there are beautiful people!"

Lets talk about the cameras.

“I work with all kinds whatever I can get my hands on. Point n shoot, Canon T70, Mamya 645 4x5, Polaroid land camera, Holga, a little compact Digi, a soul rebel SLR, phone cam… I think the polaroid is my faveourite because its instant film its like the best of both worlds film and digital.”

So where does he find the ideas behind his work?
“The look people give when they are in deep thought… staring at people on the train, Music, the way light changes, the way women move, elegant older women, the class of older men, the energy of performance, music, stories and fantasies of others and
the amazingly creative people Toronto has!”

Please do name drop a few of these talented cats...

88 days of fortune
yes yes yall
kenneth montague

So where are the hot spots of creativity that you have come across in TORONTO?!

"The last show that truly made me say wow was my brother Brenden Phillip. I have been hearing the evolution of his sound for a few years and it all fell into the right space and place that night. It was amazing. I run and roam with a crew called 88days of fortune and all of our shows the vibe is always love.... filled with good people and a crazy amount of talent!"

And his advise to young artists, photographers?
"Use whatever you have and can find and look at how beautifully messed up things can be; especially photographers. I heard once the best camera is the one u have when u want to take a photo, no need for the biggest and "best" even though they are so sweet to use!"

WISE WORDS right?!
Okay people CHECK here
for Yannick's impressive work & be sure to follow him!!!

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