Music Artist Spotlight: TRAVIE MCCOY

Last night. TRAVIE MCCOY. No words can express. What-a-night. Live MUSIC is where its at. Like you know when you listen to a record and your like yeah that's a dope track...well when seeing the artist live just brings you into a whole different Dimension... Bruno Mars & Phillip Lawrence brought the house down with their sweet vocals, instrumentation, charisma and big time swagger before Travie Mccoy absolutely tour the venue down with his tracks from his new record "The Lazarus Project" and a remix of the famous "Cupids choke hold"! Good to see some of the Gym Class fam- DeJesus and Matt (who i got a quick photo with). Altogether a brilliant night. Didn't manage to get any videos, but I have a bunch of photos i took on the night below. Enjoy and keep supporting these dudes!. J-Erika

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