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I'm VERY glad to introduce to you a friend of mine from my end of town... A funny, Eccentric, loyal, superannuated, classy, interesting illustrator.

This is SHELDON the creator of his own world, pouring his heart and soul into everything he does, creatively this talented cool artist is one to watch.

What is it that he loves about his ART HUSTLE?

I love how I’m the creator of my own world. It’s entirely up to me what I do, which is rare in a job nowadays.

So tell me about finding out that your passion was in the ARTS...
Since I was 4 years old, It’s something I gravitated to. I was so annoyed with how my Mum drew a Sheep from Rod Jane and Freddy that I angrily snatched the pen and showed her how you draw one properly.

Has there been times where you have taken a break from it or has it been an ongoing process in your life?

I’ve not really stopped since. It seems to have always been there – when I was younger I'd make my own Toys out of junk, a super-man made out of dishcloth, pipe cleaners and some Popoids – which I still have and treasure – but now I focus mainly on the doodling!

I know you have been busy! Tell me about some of the things you have been up to...
I’ve been working on my Webcomic which will be running at some point this year. It’s been going on for seven years on and off.. I have a set of characters who people will instantly recognise as parts of myself.


It’s about dealing with their faults and each other, It’ll be quite meta and catahartic once it gets going. I’ve also been doing some concept pieces for various people, drawing on inspiration from my heroes such as Bill Tiller and Dudley Watkins.

Are there any places or Exhibitions that have influenced you creatively???
I saw some original Ken Reid artwork(original artist of Roger the Dodger and Jonah) at the Cartoon Museum two years ago, and the quality of the line art and the mayhem he infused in the lines are beyond words. Dudley Watkins stuff also impresses me for the sheer scale of his workload, he must’ve been doing at least 8 characters a week for decades and his work never suffered from what must’ve been an enormous workload.

I’m also a die-hard Marilyn Manson fan and seeing him on stage and the imagery he works into his performances is a big idea spinner.

I love the work of the Victorian cartoonist George Cruickshank and William Hogarth. Nowadays people like Joe Quesada, Jamie Smart, Gary Northfield, and Steve Bright are who I look to for stylistic influence, and the bonus is being on Twitter is that I can message them and ask them for advice!

Sounds like the passion for your work is strong, as a fellow ART maker that is ALWAYS good news!

When you pour your heart and soul into everything you do,the end result is almost as if you’ve infused yourself by Voodoo into the finished article. You also know the end piece isn’t perfect, and you keep going to improve your doodles.

Check out ALL of my boy SHELDON'S work on his website
Sheldon K Goodman: Illustrator & Designer

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