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Strange, Asian, Obsessive, Creative, Hungry. This is my pal JACKIE LEE from London.

When we meet she is listening to Fleetwood Mac's “Rumours” and begins to tell me about this film she was watching the other night.
The Life Aquatic' “I’m constantly searching for something that can't bring me any happiness, but I still look because the idea of it is obsessive and all-consuming."

She ART HUSTLE’s Food journalism & Photography. Photography for about 3 years, food journalism for about a year and a bit as well as writing and sketching which has been with her, her whole life. “24 years of honing the skill!” she recalls.

These days she has been writing food stories and reviews for the magazine she writes for ( and lets all her creativity out on her Food blog ( experimenting with food she cooked and how to tell a story with it. “A favourite recently were the oeufs en cocotte I made in a terracotta egg carton. I've been trying to work out a couple of recipes that I intend to use for my cookbook - one is a matcha tiramisu I created for a friend, the other a deconstructed carbonara ravioli.”

Source of INSPIRATION-----
Lee draws her inspiration from everything “I've been making up stories since I was a child - I had a very overactive imagination - and am constantly creating as I go about my daily life. I see things cinematically, I know how I want it to finish before I've even started."

EXHIBITIONS & all that jazz--------

I saw an amazing exhibition of Annie Leibovitz's work when I was in Sydney - it was stunning and really inspired me to become a better photographer. And when I saw Of Montreal in London that was just completely incredible. It was so insanely bright, colourful and creative - best gig I've ever been to. If I can see of Montreal in concert every year for the rest of my life I'll die a very happy lady!”
What do you ♥ most about what you do?
"What's not to love? I eat food, I write about it, I cook it, I p

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