Aesthetic Sounds Live 6th b'day

Went to see J*DaVeY at Aesthetic Sounds Live 6th b'day!!!! I was soooo exited, mad exited about seeing J*DaVeY..I mean i think everyone was... well heres where the story goes in a nutshell... there were FAR TOO many supporting acts before J*DaVeY so when it finally came to them performing the venue had to close...like the sound man cut them right off on their start of their second song!!!!!!! WTF????? Ahhhh Kno!!! Everyone was soooo damn fuming!

THE CROWD and J*DaVeYwere pisssed! But they super super nice to the crowd because the people weren't having it they came to see THEM!! I felt really angry and disappointed cause the ONE song they did do was OFF THE CHAIN!!!! KISS MY TEETH at the event organizer... not only is it a disgrace..but it is rude to have these guys fly all the way from America just to perform this ONE show and they don't get to because of too much time given to the supporting acts before!... Okay rant OVER. I hope they come back to LONDON. The supporting acts were swell really good don't get me wrong and the second Headliner Jesse Boykins III was amazing!!!!... shame really.
Okay.. on a brighter note...here are some photos i managed to capture of J*DaVeY before their abrupt exit...

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