Belinda K. Zhawi

I am Belinda K. Zhawi , from South East London via Harare Zimbabwe. I’d say I’m Sensitive, loud, unfunny, hungry and spiritual.
I don't really have a personal style; I love clothes and dressing up, blurring lines. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist so I end up wearing weird shit sometimes but I don't really have a set personal style.

Right now I love MF DOOM - MM... FOOD and Jay Z & Kanye - Watch the Throne.

My ART HUSTLE comes in the form of telling stories through POETRY and prose. I have been making art about 6 years not counting the years I thought I could MC. I draw inspiration from past experiences and my surroundings. I am also inspired by good writing and storytelling.

I have been working with The Rubix Collective for the past year just writing. We put on a show called House Party at The Roundhouse a few months ago, so am working on further material to make it a bigger show. I am also, always writing in a bid to get better which can be frustrating.

I love The Southbank Centre I always get some sort of inspiration there! The R.A.P. Party was a gig I went to there that left me in tears and feeling motivated. There also was this really good exhibition called The Falling Up exhibition at the Courtald Gallery, that was was amazing and I wrote a few pieces inspired from that.

I love writing because the feeling I get after finishing a piece doesn't compare to anything else. I love sharing myself through writing and always hoping that there is someone out there who can relate.

Check out Belinda's work here!!!

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