Music Spotlight: ALBUM OF THE MONTH: BLU "No York"

A good friend of mine introduced me to Blu's mixtapes a while ago,and more recently "Below the heavens" with Exile and I have been hooked on this MC ever since. In fact he is now in my top 5 MC's of all time!

This album "No York" is nothing that you have heard from Blu before... far from his jazz mixed infused style he changes it up with a more alternative, electro industrial alternative style of HipHop..
With his mixtapes (which i love as well) its all kind of a long journey, each track links on to one another. With this album each song has a totally different style so you kinda don't know what to expect next... I think that's what puts the album together well and makes the albums structure and narrative clearer.

I think a lot of cats wont understand it at first and find it a bit out there, but if your into music from the likes of N*E*R*D, J*DaVey, Santagold even a bit of Janelle Monae you will LOVE this album.. its truly ALL THAT!

I love how he still keeps his jazz roots with like
"K e e p P u s h i n g"
, goes all techno with like "A n n i e H a l l " goes new soul on "D o w n t o e a r t h", goes all funky with "J a z z M e n"...

"My Sunshine"
just makes me keep smiling...

So on that note Go get it or download it!!! I myself want a hard copy maybe even a 12 inch vinyl of it to sit nicely with my collection!


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