125 Magazine Issue 11: REBELLION

After clearing through the heaps of magazines I have bought over the years, I ended up reading through some great articles. I came across this magazine i bought a while back from a local market, and re-read an article in it about the pivotal period of 1968. This particular era is one of my favorites...I'm fascinated about History, always have been and History through photography is always such a strong, beautiful and emotional medium. I love clearing out because I end up finding stuff that I end up keeping because I forgot how good it was! Yeah, so anyway, take a look at the photos and a small extract I took from the article... Enjoy. J-Erika

"Within the context of the 20th century, 1968 was an unusually significant year for change. The Vietnam War and unprecedented public outrage towards it manifested itself across the world , literally challenging the power of the state over the individual. The assassination of Dr Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, along with Richard Nixon's stealthy rise to power, were all dominant by photographers who were able to influence public opinion in a way that would have been impossible had the Magnum agency not changed the way documentary photography produced."

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