Getting to Know you... By J.Erika

FREE SPIRIT x 5million. Shes GODA. A girl from the NORTHof the globe. Film that best describes her is INTO THE WILD .It portrays her understanding of NATURE & FREEDOM... "ALASKA IS WHERE I BELONG"=she says.What is playing on her walkman right now I wonder? EDDIE VEDDER: THE WOLF. I ask her why she loves this song? WHY? "YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!" she claims. Goda is a 80s born child with a 60s soul. I know the 60s was legendary but I ask her why it is so great to her? WHY? WOODSTOCK MAN! she sings. Shes a Show jumper you know. Yep."I love showjumping. I am one with my horse, he is trusting me, i am trusting him. The POWER of the jump. The hard work...and the LUCK in competitions." she explains. Has she won anything??? "YES I won 3 NATIONAL WIDE COMPETITIONS..." Whoah...."and 10 CITY WIDE" Nicccccccce....check out her groovy doodles!! She's been drawing horses from when she was 3. Nobody in her family does it. Just her. Horses INSPIRE her.

Photos By S.Khan

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