Music Artist Spotlight: M.I.A

It seems like I went to this concert ages away, but It wasn't that long ago.but all I can say was...AAAAMMMMMAAAAZIIING. The whole production of the gig was soooo goood. I mean M.I.A is as you know a very cool unique colourful artist anyways so I mean you kinda gonna expect some sort of mad crazy cool shiz to be going down!! The imagery, performance dancing everything was tight & on point but in like a superly natural way! She really connected with the crowd & you could tell she feeling the vibessss...well she was MAKING THEM! The supporting band Sleigh bells did a bit of a mean set as well!!! Yeah so here are some photos I took off the night! Enjoy! J-Erika

Above: Me & Toyin Kenny of ART HUSTLE

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