Self Expression: Vanessa Ferdinand By Toyin Kenny

I Have always been into art!! My Nan started off showing me how to draw flowers and horses... I was really young so I was heavily influenced by Fine art at first. When I got into my teens I met new and interesting people, Graffiti art became the way forward for me in expressing myself and experimenting with a new art form. From that it lead to an interest in illustration and pop art.

I got my first tattoo when I was 16, it was this really tacky dragon on my hip! ..I was in it for the thrill mostly at that time...I've always played instruments and at that time I was seriously into piano so I got music bars on my wrists.
From my second tattoo onwards my tattoos all mark a particular time in my life.

People don't expect but I'm a pretty shy introverted person,and the way I express myself with is by body modification art.ART is all I know and is the ONE thing I can do to express myself and just be 'me', pushing boundaries, being unique! ART is so limitless and open so when I cant find the right way to show what I feel there is always an art form that can do it for me, be it a painting or a tattoo.

My piercings are mostly decoration but my septum piercing was the only one I got with a reason, many ancient tribes had them to appear stronger to strike fear in fellow tribes so warriors had them and the bigger the bone/ring the higher rank warrior.. so its kind of like my war paint/symbol for life's challenges. I didn't always want to be a Tattoo Artist because I never really believed I was capable of doing it or disciplined enough, I did for a while want to be a theater technician, backstage, lights, stage management. I sometimes volunteer at theaters because I like to keep my options open and love the arts community.

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