Personal style By Toyin Kenny: Alani Adenle

When you see ALANI ADENLE, you see GREAT style. His outfits stand out because of his unique quirkiness and amazing, vibrant individualism, staight away anybody can tell his style is truly his own. Adenle combines vintage with some High street pieces, but wears his clothes in an unusual yet stylish manner. He studies at the UEl and is also working on a modelling portfolio.

I asked about his inspiration when it comes to his relation to fashion, rather than giving me some random celebrity name like everybody does he mentions that he is inspired by "the people and the world around him". He aims to become a fashion inspiration to people as well, according to him his clothes are an extension of him. "My clothes shows my charisma .. Shows who I am and what I am" it also show his creativity.
He does confess to liking the movie "Sherlock Holmes" because of the main character's sense of style and of course for the story as well! I love tatoots and was intrigued by his tatoots and piercings; he got his first tattoo at 18 and now has both sleeved tattoo which he said adds to this look. He also has a lot of piercing- which I guess he has an addiction for!!!

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