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I introduce you to you a Thailand original. A young talented innovative stylist.

This is Aük.

He describes his personal style is collective.
“Usually I tend to throw thing together and build a look around whatever I’ve found from places. It’s more of a nomadic living. It wasn’t restricted to any particular trend or anything.”

What does Self expression mean to you?
‘It’s a creative force that runs through our individual consciousness. It’s become a huge part of our life, as people we’re always wanted to learn something from one another in order to move forward so it’s important that we share this great quality and in fashion it is exactly just that.’

Auk was introduced to styling and photography from friend Naomi James (who ArtHustle interviewed a while back).
‘I have been doing styling and making images for almost a year now.”

Constantly styling and making good images Auk is drawn to many different elements that inspire him within his work.
‘Life on the street fascinated me and has always been a great inspiration for me. It’s a living library from my point of view especially cultures here in London.’

Are there any other, countries apart from London that you draw your inspiration from, or would love to work around?
‘I would love to visit remote places around Middle East and Peru. The myth of culture interest me the most.’

Speaking of street style, tell me about one of the projects you have worked on around this subject matter.

‘There was a shoot titled ‘IMPRINTING’ that I did at Kidbrooke, Ferrier Estate with Naomi (James) back in January. The estate was abandon for quite sometime now but me and Naomi decided to shoot there as we felt there was a great harmony and history left behind. It was a great fun for us.”

Being Inspired...

I admire people like Panos Yiapanis and Samuel Drira. I’ve found their work rare and honest and that is something I have always wanted to capture every time I work, style images that speak for itself.’

AND lastly...

”The one ting I love about what I do is the people and my love for creating. I can’t stop working. It has integrated in me at some point.”

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