an Eclectic quirky individual
Her style is a reflection of her mood, personality and culture. Not afraid to state her opinion and not a fan of trend setters she wears what she wants and most importantly what makes her feel good and look good.
“I’m all about character, growth and self expression.”
Kay has been involved in art from a young age, this developing her talent in painting.

I have always had a creative eye. I never leave home with out a camera so photography is always playing a big part in my creative journey. I spend a lot of my time locked up in my bedroom painting, illustrating and on my sewing machine. My mind never stops even when am at rest. I am a huge fan of music and love to dance. I've been dancing since the age of 15 and it's remained a hobby ever since. This has all lead to so many different opportunities from teaching to performing.

'Life' Life is the best exhibition any one could ever visit. We meet new people, we see new things... I think it's important to acknowledge your surroundings and senses. One of the reasons why I am in love with capturing art is because it keeps a record of how I feel and what I see.
I love artists such as Salvador Dali and Freda Khalo; not only do they have incredible paintings skills but their minds are in a place where they can connect with a broad audience.

I start my B.A in Textiles at Central Saint Martins in September. Having the opportunity for the staff and pupils to see my work means a lot to me. During this summer I’ve had work displayed at Shoreditch House during a monthly music event Called Wired. It was tribute painting of Amy Winehouse. I have also done live art which took place at Queen of Hoxton for an event called Art To East Africa, both these pieces have now gone to charity.

Just being able to express myself and have an audience appreciate my art is a blessing. It makes me glad to know that people sometimes look beyond the actual intention and educate me a little about my own work. Painting especially is a way for me to vent and speak my mind with out having to say a word. Being able to trigger a thought or even inspire someone is the best feelings I have ever had.
I recently did a painting of Tyler The Creator which he now owns. The whole situation still kind of has me gob smacked. So I am beyond grateful.

You can follow KAY and preview her art work on her sites
Twitter @KayDavisArt

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