Interview with Artist Friends: Carson Henley

I'm really proud to introduce to you a talented musician from one of my fave places....the extremely  very very cool  Seattle know the birth place of those greats...Hendrix...Pearl Jam..Melvins oh what who were those other dudes.... er..NIRVANA and many other great artists... Yes I know you can all feel that I am smiling from ear to ear. And yes so I am again proud to introduce you to the ever so talented Carson Henley.

Behind the super sexy long hair and winning smile there is a soulful, determined, fun, interesting Music enthusiast...and I'm about to find a little bit more about him.

So it all started with the jazz....
I am 26 now and I started playing classical piano at 2 1/2 years old. I was in classical lessons until the age of 18. During my teenage years, I took jazz lessons for 3 years and played in a jazz band as well. I started playing pop music right around the age of 14. I didn't start playing and singing in front of people until I was 17 at a high school talent show. I wrote my first song when I was 21.

Speaking of 21, I hear your a fan of a certain artist with that album title?
I am such a massive fan of Adele. I am a music fanatic and there have been songs and albums that have gotten me through really rough times in my life. Her newest album, "21", came out right when I was going through a breakup so I listened to it non stop (along with millions of brokenhearted women haha). When I saw her live, the way that she sang and with the passion she displayed, I felt every word. She doesn't have to move about the stage to command an audience - she just does. I had to ride home without any music on just so I could process what I saw. I actually end up doing that with any show that inspires me or blows me away. I want to bask in the memory and the sounds of what I just experience and ride home in silence. 

So how would you describe your music?
Umm...someone recently described my music as "Funkadelic Rock" and I kinda like that. I would place myself in a mix between Joe Cocker and James Morrison. 

Such a powerful word. I draw a lot of my inspiration lyrically from relationships. Not just romantic ones, but friends, family and a lot of times I find inspiration hearing about and experiencing relationships between other people. I also am inspired by struggle and how I, or other people, find themselves in those positions and how they react.

What sort of genres, styles grab your with one listen sparks inspiration?
Good ol' motown soul music and classic rock - especially Stevie Wonder. I think if Stevie Wonder would sit down with me and teach me something, if even just for a moment, I would cry! 

Agreed..Stevie...what an inspirational if you had the chance to perform with any artist who would it be?
Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder. and.....Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder is is then! Very good choice.
I mean I am also very inspired by Donny Hathaway, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Michael Mcdonald, Jonny Lang, James Morrison, Jamie Cullum. Also, my sister Tess Henley is an amazing songwriter and I always am blown away by how talented of a songwriter and musician she is. She always inspires me to work harder and be better at my craft.

Okay so every artist gets inspired by a whole bunch of creative outlets, as a musician has there been any shows that you have really liked and influenced by?
I would say there have been a few shows that really have influenced me. The first time (as well as the other times) I saw Jamie Cullum, I left in complete shock. What that guy is capable of, and the pure creativity he puts into his music, his playing and his performing is absolutely unreal. I have seen him 4 times and each time I have the same reaction - "I need to go home and practice!"

YES.. Jamie Cullum. Such a underrated musician. Very talented. Okay back to you, and your music making...what have you been up to lately?
Oh man, this last year has been such a whirlwind of sorts. I had been in a writer's block for 8 straight months last year. I couldn't finish a song if my life depended on it! That's when I decided I needed to test myself as an artist to see if I could even do it anymore. So, I came up with this idea to write and record as many songs as I could in 100 waking hours. I ended up writing 8 full songs and recording 7 of them. 

Yup, They all make up my new album which will be released in a few months called, "100 Hours". 

Perfect Title.... :D
It's the first time I have ever felt so proud of what I accomplished. I really am so thrilled with the way everything turned out. But ever since then, I have been continually writing more songs in hopes of recording again soon...but this time a full album!

There is a 48 minute documentary (called "The 100 Hour Project" that was made on the entire process. You can see the trailer before its released here:

There are so many interesting music spots in Seattle WA aren't there?
Yeah, I would really love to play at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. I have just seen so many great musicians/artists play there and it would be such an surreal experience to perform where I have seen some of my favorites play - not to mention in front of a home town crowd.

I understand you love to travel, your already from an amazing state..but where in the world would you love to make music and perform?
Oh man...that is so hard because traveling is such a passion of mine! I would love going anywhere, but I think London would be my first choice. 

LONDON TOWN! ARTHUSTLE's home...I'm not being biased but London is  one of the best...
First of all, I think that London is amazing in general, but the music scene and the artists coming out of the UK recently are really incredible. I would love to be a part of that. Not to mention, my music is really well received over there! That is always a bonus!

Yep London recognize fresh talent! So in the light of performing have you got any upcoming gigs or shows?
So far I don't have any specific dates yet for the album release shows...but I am shooting for a late June release show in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. I am also really loving the thought of coming over and touring the UK and Europe. I am hoping that I can pull something together before the year is over.

What does music mean to you?
I love just making music and getting to play it. Knowing that people actually listen to it, know the words, and truly enjoy it, is also an incredible feeling. It is one of the things that always keeps me pushing forward.

We (London) would love to see more of Carson wouldn't we? In the mean time, Check out Carson & more of his music here:

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