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In the mist of an indie rock mucus..I proudly dust of and introduce to ARTHUSTLE The Empty Pools. Their A slug in a slot machine.. slinky rock with creamy leads..You get the right? YEAH! Take a read of a conversation I had with Lead member Leah about the band and a whole lot of interesting dope stuff! Enjoy. Peace.  J.Erika

Okay so how long has the band been on the scene?
As a band, about half a year.

There are so many amazing places to perform in...Is there any cities & countries you would love to perform?
I grew up near Amsterdam so the shows that really blew my mind as a teenager were pretty much all there. I haven't been back much so those venues are still really mythical.

Amsterdam, that pretty dope. The music scene there is really alive man... So you got the city, what about the artist, are there any musicians you would love to perform with?
It'd be great to have Janet Weiss on a rotating podium doing drum duels with Aaron, or to be the guitarist who gets to rip out obscenely wanky guitar solos for someone like Taylor Swift.

What band would you dream to open up who are the number of list?!
Marnie Stern would be great. Maybe it's just that she's that good at guitar but people seem to ignore, or just never talk about, how good the songwriting is. Especially on the last album, the self-titled one, the lyrics alone could kill an adult human. Transparency is the new mystery.

Us art freaks gets inspired by almost everything, is there anyone that inspired you in making your art/music?
At the moment, I really love Grimes' 'Visions'. It's sort of alien and ugly in ways but it has that special whatever... like she's doing something new and weird and knocking it out of the park. The video for 'Oblivion' is the best. Like you watch it once and you immediately think it's the best. Normally I wouldn't want an explanation for something like that but you get even more from it by reading the interview with Claire and Emily Kai Brock (the director)

Yeah I mean I guess anyone (not just artists) can get inspired from anything and everything, don't you think?

Yeah nowadays I get inspired, almost anywhere. It's not that everything's inspiring, just that you never know when it'll hit, or where from. I watch a lot of TV, though I'm not sure how much of an affect that has on what we do.

So whats been up with Empty pools lately?
Between cyber-supervising the mixes of our first 3 studio recordings and writing new songs, we've been rehearsing pretty hard for our first headline show this Wednesday.

Have there been any shows or other music gigs you have been to that you have really enjoyed and really loved creatively?
I've been to a couple of big-production pop shows recently which have kind of blown my mind. You've got this really visceral joy coupled with the strange feeling of being so inspired by something you know you could never do (and maybe wouldn't ever want to do.) The main thing, I guess, is that you're seeing someone do something so well and with so much conviction, and they're really enjoying it.

And lastly, one of my old age corny questions...What do you love most about what you do?
It always seemed weird and magical to me that you could just write a song and then boom, it's part of the world's musical output. I doubt it'll ever lose that magic.

Make sure to stay tuned with EMPTY POOLS!!! Gotta support real music! Spread the ARTHUSTLE love!!!!!!

Next gigs:
May 1st @ Start the Bus with Weird Dreams 
June 2nd @Dot to Dot Festival in Bristol.

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