Hi I'm Chattraporn Somrattanachai. You can call me Pong. I am a 3rd year fashion student from Bangkok, Thailand.

My ARTHUSTLE is Illustration or Painting? I’m not sure but I think I am better at Illustration!

I have been making art since October 2011 when I bought an Ipad2. I’ve started off by doodling and drawing a boy with a striped t-shirt and I thought that he was cute! So I post it on Instagram alomng with my other doddles...That's when I started to get a lot of followers of my work. Now I am an Instragram addict! haha!

I have been interested in Art & fashion since I was quite young. I read a whole load of Fashion and art magazines to discover the different ways artists work. I have been in lots of Art competitions when I was in High school, which was lots of fun!

I am currently studying Fashion & Design, I love it because I'm never separated from drawing because I have to design clothing and other stuff, so I'm always drawing. My aim is to launch products like t shirts and postcards from the series of drawings I have created called "Boysandgirls".

There are so many artists that inspire me, let me see: Caroline Andrieu, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Park Yoon Ji, Naoshi and Teri Chung.

I get inspired most when I'm drawing at home,coffee shops or libraries- places that are super quiet and peaceful. I do go to a lot of shows and exhibitions, but I usually find really cool artists work on blogs. Faster, easier and cheaper!

D'know what? Knowing that there are people that are real interest in my work.. that makes me happy, and love and enjoy what I do.

Instagram : @boysandgirls
Facebook : Boysandgirls

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