Interview Artist friends: Q-TA

My name is Q-TA. And I am an artist born and raised in Japan. If I was to try and define myself; words that come to mind are Hat. Glasses. Beard. Art. Cat! What’s my Art Hustle? As a matter of fact, I tend not to think my work as "an art", but I try to use different ways to different people when I want to express something.  But to answer the question, I am very much interested in the "art community" itself.
I had been using collage techniques when I created rough designs for the job as an art director, but it has been only one year since I started to share these as my work. Currently, I am seeking the way to make video image from my collage work.
I like artists who have something cynical in their works such us Andy Warhol and Bansky. I received an enormous influence from the films by Jan Švankmajer and Terry Gilliam as an artist. I always get inspiration from height such us mountains or observatories from which I can have the bird's eye view of the things and the world.
I like to have the opportunity to get to know various feelings of other people through my work, which is a big motive for me to continue to create works.


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