Year 10 Trip to CISCO Headquarters

As you all know, my day job is a Secondary school Teacher... double identity, sort of like Superman... Teacher by day, art hustler by night..and weekends! 

But anyway, back to the
I had the pleasure of joining  a fellow teacher & 10 of our Yr 10 girls on a ICT field trip to Cisco Headquarters in Middlesex.

An interesting and exciting day of events was planned out by our Cisco contact- Claudette Atkinson...

The day consisted of inspirational talks from 2 young innovative women who work at CISCO, a collaboration tour about new technology, an amazing video link to Cisco Kenya- where the girls were able to talk to a group of school girls in Kenya,  a grand lunch in the  "swarve"  lunch room of CISCO and many other cool stuff!

Really good day out! looking forward to the next trip!


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